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My artwork reflects the fragility of human connectivity. My portraits and narratives illustrate how our point of view impacts our personal world experience. I explore uncertainty, reflecting the reactive mania or calm surrounding political polarization, and the realities of our changing natural environment as they are reflected in the facial expressions of the populous. The images are messy and murky set in an exaggerated atmosphere dark and light created from layers of charcoal, pastel and spray paint on paper or oil paint on canvas.


Mixed media drawing and painting allows me to use traditional media non-traditionally to visualize the complicated responses to the dichotomies of humanitarianism, globalization and environmental issues. Where we are asked to reconcile the conundrums of the life we live with the expected norms of responsible behavior, accomplishment, and success.


My influences are wide and varied: science fiction, folk tales and myths, history, romantic literature, movies, television, and popular culture. I have been especially influenced by Baroque dramatic composition and chiaroscuro; Kerry James Marshall for sentient relationships, William Kentridge and Basquiat for semiotic relationships between line, narrative, and chaos.


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