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I did not come to art naturally.  After feeling a bit broken, it arose out of a need to find my voice. Perhaps others have felt this too.  


My twenty-year practice spans drawing, installation, painting, and AR video. Each project is a glimpse into the psychological, physical, and imagined. Reliant upon a human connection that exists in silence. I pursue the edges of meaning, non-meaning, and understanding in an inaudible yet intuitive conversation that exists beyond gender, culture, religion, and language. It lives in human biology, in our sympathetic nervous system and the brain. 


Often autobiographical, I depict life's wear and tear as mirrored by a facial expression, searching for human connection and understanding, I have found a unifying factor in the emotional portrait. My face and that of close family and friends are often my models, but the subject is the facial expression and human beings' ability to interpret them.  


Today, I use technology, particularly my smartphone, to animate and enliven facial expressions in a video format, exploring a breadth of emotional content searching for understanding.  I hope these images bring transportation to the viewer, a moment of escape, and a sense of celebration for the experience of existence in a worldwide community.   

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