Sublime and grotesque, my artwork depicts the emotional frailty caused by uncertainty.  It reverberates from a guttural place where the effects of past traumas linger. The figures and spaces exist in noir scenes that provide a sense of quiet dread. Individuals and cohorts exemplify the essence of fraught human connectivity. The myriad of faces and forms look out from the abyss of an angst-ridden world filled with distorted expectations and abject conundrums.  


I aim to connect to the autonomous sympathetic human response devoid of gender, language, and culture.  Aware that facial expressions have the recognizable power to transmit inaudible information that engages the viewer in a simultaneously anonymous and identifiable conversation, I paint faces that mirror human feelings.  The images are messy and murky, filled with layers of frenzied lines and subtle glazes. I draw, smudge, superimpose, and re-draw to mimic the emotional distress of entanglements, frustrations, and social instability.   My portraits and narratives offer comfort to the distressed through transposition, a substitute for real horrors. With inspiration from the artworks of Goya,  Kollwitz, Bacon, Dumas, and Condo, I consider my paintings realist in that they project an empathetic response to the trials of contemporary living.  

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