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Real Art for Real People

Real art for real people is a community engagement outreach pop-up project putting art in the hands of more people beyond the economic barrier.


The Real Art for Real people project engages the viewer in a conversation about owning original art, affordability, and access. The discussion revolves around the viewer's perception of art, whether it is necessary, do they think they can own original art, and whether they will go to a gallery. Then the economic question is addressed because there are no prices on the wall; the conversation evolves to fairness and feel-good exchange, so both parties feel satisfied.  Post-discussion, the viewer offers a price.  The pop-up brings original art access to the community even if only temporarily. 


This exchange allows assessment of the pulse of the community in relationship to the economic, political, and social climate and its overall (if any) relationship to art ownership as it exists in the public community. It was inspired by real events the artist wanted to know more about the people looking so profoundly at her art. 


Real Art for Real People brings artwork to the viewer outside of the gallery walls bringing access to the community—previous pop-ups at the Brewery Art Walk Spring and Fall 2022. The first two pop-ups yielded a general mean gauging the affordability of the public to purchase a work of art after an access opportunity.  In the Spring of 2022, the first pop-up yielded the sale of 13 artworks. Sales ranged in price from $20-125 USD, the general mean was $40.00/ artwork.  In the Fall, the second pop-up ran for 2 days, yielding 27 sales and numerous conversations. The general mean was $35.00.  These numbers are based on sales/pop up.  The goal is to travel the project and understand economic choices, the impact of visual art and the sense of feeling special that comes from access to and acquiring something unique, considering the umbrella of spare money, luxury items, and desire.


Real Art for Real People brings art to the community, broaching issues of access and availability, value, and human worth.  After the pop-up, the art goes back to gallery prices. 

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Email Randi for details or to participate:

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