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CONUNDRUM  by Shana Nys Dambrot

“These images are volatile, set in atmospheres built with great effort from layers of charcoal, pastel, and spray paint on paper and/or canvas. They grab you will a holler -- a luminous color or a strident pose, then pull you in with whispers -- hidden figures, otherworldly apparitions, army tanks. She paints and draws, sprays and scrapes, smudges, collages, and repeats, actualizing a dense surface and depth of field that both embodies and depicts the mutual entanglement and psychic unsettlement of today’s world.

Matushevitz speaks eloquently about the ways in which mixed media allows her access to an enormously varied array of visual techniques, the better to respond in kind to the vertiginous paradoxes of existence. From the problems and promises of globalization and the threats to environmental resources in the 21st century, to the most eternal, ages-old strivings of the human heart, in ways large and small we are daily asked to reconcile the conundrums of the life we live. Her art is in some ways nothing more or less than her valiant attempts to do so. In her studio, she is all of us.”Add a paragraph about this body of work. Include materials used, dates, and any special processes that were used.



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