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Curated for the Wrong Bienniel by Roz Dimon

I am fascinated by the complexities of human experiences and the primal connections that unite humanity.  As a figurative artist, I look to create experiences with my artwork. I often paint faces that mirror human emotions. These expressive portraits, still and time-based, explore meaning and understanding in consideration of the lack thereof.

Through my artistic practice, I explore the commonalities of the animal-human. Considering the elimination of language, gender, religion, and culture, I asked myself, what is left? I answered survival instincts, DNA, and the existential experiences of joy and suffering.

While viewing, The Swim, consider the subtle transfer of emotional content through the exploration of facial expressions and the headspace they occupy. With a slow gaze, engage in a silent conversation that is simultaneously anonymous and identifiable.

Let's experience a human connection as primal beings, leading toward respect, empathy, and understanding.

The Swim


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