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The Wild Wild is an installation of mixed media drawing and video. Inspired by her rural experience at Jentel Artist Residency in Banner, Wyoming.

The imagery is a fusion of figuration, abstract and ferocious mark residing in noir atmospheres. Surface grit mimics the rhythmic vibrations of rural and urban environments. The drawings are messy, murky, and entangled, comprised of layers of charcoal, pastel, graphite, spray paint, acrylic, and ink on paper. They invite the viewer to gaze at the affront of frenzied mark and distraught imagery of a shadow space. Then walk away refreshed, renewed, and safe. The artworks reflect the mania and calm of contemporary existence in a commentary that vacillates between autobiography and the documentation of societal dichotomy.

Matushevitz considers the long history of the wild west and the vast quiet of the untamed never-ending sense of space of rural areas in contrast to formal expressionistic mark-making that explores the electric pace of urban living. Always included in Matushevitz’s sensibility are the limitations of a life span and her own body, as reflected here in reference to human and other skeletal remains. She says, “The creation of the work is a catharsis.”

The Wild Wild

2022 - Present

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